You Need Focus

Growing up I heard lots of conflicting advice.  Some people said I should always be working to improve while others said it was best to accept myself for who I am.  I never knew which route to take until I realized they’re not mutually exclusive.

I used to lean heavily toward the idea of constantly working to improve.  I still do.  The difference is before I wanted to be the best in the world at everything, however, I came to realize that although it’s possible for me to be the best at anything, I can’t be the best at everything.

There’s just not enough hours in the day for me to be the world’s best juggler, motivational speaker, writer, and rapper.  It’s possible for me to be the best at any one of those pursuits, but not all of them.  At first this idea made me rather uncomfortable, but I’ve since grown to accept it.

Efforts need to be focused. The sun’s rays are weak while they’re unfocused, but when they’re concentrated through a magnifying glass they’re powerful enough to start fires. People are the same way.  We’re able to accomplish amazing things when our energy is being focused.

I’ve decided that although being the world’s best juggler and rapper would be cool, they’re not my main priorities.  My number one goal in my remaining decades on Earth is to be the best motivator this world has ever seen.

I’m going to be the guy that helps people move mountains.  I’m going to be the guy that little kids look up to.  I’m going to be the guy that shows kids who don’t believe in themselves that they can do it.  This is where my energy’s being focused now.

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