The World Is Your Mirror

There’s something very esoteric about the eyes of human beings. When you hold extended eye contact with someone you can peer into their soul, yet at the same time it’s impossible to see your own eyes without the use of a mirror (or other reflection).

An interesting theory I’ve heard in the past is that what finds most upsetting in others is actually what he/she mosts resists in him/herself. In other words, if you find someone’s selfishness most off putting that’s likely an area where you experience insecurity and need significant work with yourself. This concept applies to every aspect of life.

But just as it’s impossible to see your own eyes without outside assistance, it’s also impossible to be completely objective with your own behaviors. It’s easy to say that you’re a positive person, but the energy you bring out of others will often be a far more accurate indicator of the type of person you are.

Of course, there’s a balance that must be struck. You don’t want to sit around waiting for other people to tell you who you are, but at the same time if people are constantly running away from you and telling you to leave them alone it’s probably best for you take a look at recalibrating your energy.

The universe rewards good behaviors and punishes poor behaviors. If you’re grounded in your presence people will generally react positively towards you in social situations. If you’re seeking validation and trying to leech positive energy off of other people you’re going to get roasted.

In the same way realize that any discontentment you feel is rarely the result of your external circumstances. Perhaps the world is a bore, but is it also possible you’re just boring?

This is pure speculation, but as a mental model of reality imagine that consciousness in the universe wants to evolve. Unconsciousness want to become consciousness and consciousness seeks to become higher consciousness.

The problem is never the world. It’s you. The world is inherently perfect. The only thing that keeps it from being so is your mental judgements of what is good and bad.

There’s no reason to be angry when it rains. When you were a kid you would have splashed in the puddles and had the time of your life.

The irritations and resistance you experience when it rains are simply lower levels of consciousness coming to the surface. Learn to accept these feelings, and as you do you’ll eventually begin to transcend them. As you advance on your journey of self-improvement and evolve in consciousness you’ll find yourself amused that these trivial things once annoyed you.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and though we are all equal as human beings, many of us struggle to see the beauty in the world because we all (some more than others) don ugly masks that prevent us from seeing the beauty in every imperfection in the world.

But as we take off our own masks we not only become free, but also help inspire others to do the same as well as increase our ability to be able to appreciate all the beauty and experiences the world has to offer.


(Picture is from my trip to Dallas last month.)

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