The Wrong Problem

Perhaps the most frustrating thing in the world are unsolvable problems.  The type of problems where regardless of how many times you try to tackle them, they always seem to have you running in circles.

The concept of an unsolvable problem would seem to be something that couldn’t possibly exist.  But they do.

Unsolvable problems do exist, and more than that, they’re actually quite abundant.  A common example that comes to mind is diet.

An irrational number of people run around chasing an endless number of new diet fads, but at the end of the day they’re not going to lose weight regardless of which one they choose. And even if they do manage to drop a few pounds, it won’t be sustainable.

Another example that comes to mind is men looking to attract loving partners into their lives.  Often they try to do so by working longer hours in an effort to make more money.  They spend large amounts of money on fancy cars or spoil their dates because they think it’ll impress them.

But truthfully, it won’t.  Obviously their potential mates would rather have a financially independent man, versus a homeless one, but once a man gets to the point of being self sufficient any extra money he earns starts to become irrelevant in terms of his love life.

Making $200,000 a year vs $175,000 may make a big difference in his real estate investing, but in attracting a soulmate, not so much.

This is the point where many guys feel that attracting a mate into their life is hopeless because regardless of how much they increase their income the impact it has on their dating life is negligible.

They often begin to think that their problem is unsolvable, but in reality the solution is actually quite simple. They’re trying to solve the wrong problem.

Sometimes the most challenging problems are only difficult because they’re not the ones that need solving.

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