Standard Adjustment Procedures

Last night I struggled to fall asleep. Typically I rest in the soldier sleep position, but because I was restless I decided to try sleeping in a pretty unorthodox position.

Normally I try going for a short walk, or moving from the floor to the bed, but for whatever reason I was undisciplined and decided to do things differently last night. I ended up falling asleep, but woke up this morning with soreness in my neck.

Probably not a big deal in the long term, or even on the course of how today will play out, but I’ve realized that this is how a lot of good habits get broken.

Life gets in the way, or we simply feel lazy one day and decide to skip our habits of success because doing so is slightly easier in the moment. However, because of that we spiral downward every so slightly and are worse off in everything except the very, very short-term.

The longer we leave our habits unkept the worse our situations become as well. If tonight I go back to my regular sleeping habits then last night will have been essentially irrelevant.

However, if tonight I was to have trouble falling asleep again and decided to sleep in an unorthodox position rather than taking a walk, or meditating I could be establishing a habit that’ll ruin my neck and sleep quality.

The lesson? For all of your habits have standard adjustment procedures you stick to when life gets in the way. Don’t beat yourself up when you fall off, but simultaneously don’t allow yourself to indulge in negative habits just, “One more time.”

Adding adjustment procedures to your life is a simple change, but it’s also a powerful one.

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