Fulfillment Comes From Who You Are, Not What You Have

Something I repeatedly see being asked in the personal development niche is, “How can I improve ‘X’ aspect of my life most quickly”? It’s certainly an interesting question, but too often it’s coming from the wrong place.

When someone decides to make a change in their life it’s very common for them to focus on what they’re going to get as a result of the change. I’m going to have more money, more girls, more gold chains. This is the wrong way to look at change.

The greatest reward of change lies not in what you receive, but who you become. Material possessions may be able to enhance our lives, but ultimately they are the spice of life, not the steak. You can have as much spice as you want, but without the steak you won’t have a fulfilling meal. Similarly, you can have as many material possessions as you want, but ultimately fulfillment is derived from the person you are, not the things you have.

Direct your focus on the journey, and you’ll find the destination takes care of itself.

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