Not Dead. Can’t Quit.

I don’t normally dedicate entire posts to the work of others, but there’s too much value in this video not to share it. It’s a video by former Navy SEAL Richard Machowizc. I can’t recommend watching this speech enough, but I’ll provide some brief notes on the talk below anyway…

  • A man can only be beaten in two ways; if he gives up, or he dies.
  • Mantra to live by… Not Dead. Can’t Quit.
  • As long as you can think, as long as you’re still alive, as long as you have even a single pulse in your body, you’re still in the game if you refuse to quit.
  • Quitting means to give up. To give up what? To give up your dreams, the goals you’ve set targets for, your potential and everything you’re capable of being.
  • If you said you were going to do something following through has to be your only option.
  • There’s no ‘I’ in team, but there is an “At Me.” Are you going to be the guy that says to your teammates, to your friends, and to your family, “You can point the finger at me, and I’ll deliver”? Or are you going to be the guy that lets your excuses and quitting conversation get in the way of all you’re capable of being? We’ll see…

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