Momentary Pleasure Won’t Lead to Long-Term Fulfillment

Why do most people’s lives not pan out the way they had hoped? It’s very simple. Most people are ruled by momentary pleasures — things that stimulate them or are satisfying in the short-term. Unfortunately, by definition, the things that lead to success, the things that lead to being an outlier, can’t be what the majority do.

Most people indulge in things that gratify them in the short term — unhealthy food, drugs, alcohol, porn, procrastination, etc. For that reason, avoiding a mediocre life means you’ll need to craft your environment, mindset, and approach to life in a way that’ll enable you to avoid these things.

Doing so isn’t easy, but it’s also not complicated. Have a vision for yourself and understand that while what you’re doing isn’t easy in the short-term, it’ll lead to great things and fulfillment in the long-term.