Loving Your Body of Work

I’ve never paid much attention to it, but something I’ve noticed is that I’m absolutely in love with my work.  I’m in love with the things I’ve produced.

I know I’m not as good of a writer as Steve Pavlina or Leo Baubauta, but for some reason, I find it more enjoyable to read my archives than their old posts.

Same thing with juggling.  On average I’ll watch one of my videos 10-15 times before publishing it, yet still enjoy watching it.  In a few months I’ll even go back and watch them again just for fun.

I’m obsessed with the things I’ve produced and I’m not sure why.  Perhaps I like seeing how I’ve grown and improved since a given video or post, or maybe I just like looking back for the nostalgia factor.

Either way, I think the loving manner in which I look back at my old work is extremely healthy.  Instead of criticizing myself on all the things I’ve done wrong, I enjoy the imperfections.  I don’t get worked up in the, “What if I would’ve done this?” or, “What if I would’ve done that?”

I see a lot of people beating themselves up over imperfect past creations, and while it’s important to learn from your past mistakes, it’s also important to not dwell on them.

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