Listen To Your Heart

Hanging up my cleats and calling it a career for soccer is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Many were supportive of my decision, but there were also some that questioned it. I even questioned myself at times.

When you do something for a long time it starts to become a part of you, and it’s difficult to let go. When you try to let go of who you are for who you can become you’ll find yourself on the emotional roller coaster of your life. You’ll second guess yourself and wonder if you’re really making the right decision.

You’ll look longingly back at your past and attempt to justify sticking around just a little longer, but deep down you’ll know it’s time to move on. It’s at this point you have two choices. You can listen to your heart or pretend not to hear it.

Listening to your heart may be the most difficult thing you’ll ever do, but it’ll also be the most rewarding. It may require great courage to pursue this path, but it’s the only real choice you have.

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