The Journey Does Not Exist Without The Destination

I’ve been listening to a lot more podcasts lately. I find they’re a great way to listen in on interesting conversations during my commutes around Saigon, Vietnam (where I’m currently living).

One podcast that was particularly impactful to me, however, was Dan Millman’s interview on the Art of Charm podcast. He said something that completely blew my mind.

If you’re at all well-versed in self-development you’ve no doubt heard things like; It’s about the journey not the destination, or it’s all about enjoying the process. I’ve always agreed with these statements and did my best to live by them. Dan Millman made a nuanced point during his interview, however, that was an absolute paradigm shifter for me.

These aren’t exact quotes, but to paraphrase Dan he said something like this, “Sure, the journey is important. It’s important to enjoy the journey, however, recognize that the journey does not exist without a destination!”

Again, he put things much more elegantly in comparison to my botched quote from memory, but you get the point.

Having a destination in mind doesn’t detract from your journey and ability to enjoy the processes of your daily life. Having goals and a direction you’re attempting to move toward actually creates the journey.

Without goals, or a destination in mind you’re completely susceptible to blowing aimlessly like a leaf in the wind.

Without goals what would incentivize you to go on your journey? Without a destination what would you use as leverage to persevere through the difficult moments of the journey?

When you’re working a shitty job, or having to take boring classes to further your future how are you supposed to enjoy yourself?

My suggestion is focusing on whatever small elements of the task you do enjoy doing (stereotypical advice on enjoying the process), but also recognizing and appreciating that the tasks are bringing you closer towards your goals and the destination you desire.

Having goals is what’ll allow you to maintain an upbeat attitude despite the various encounters you’ll have with adversity during your life.

Having goals is often the difference between someone that sees a shitty job or difficult period of their life optimistically as a stepping stone and challenge to overcome rather than someone who is negative and exists only to complain about their existence.


You can listen to Dan’s full interview here.

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