Fuel To The Fire

“A setback is a setup for a comeback”  -Eric Thomas

I’ve failed.  The little voice in my head is laughing and telling me I couldn’t do it.  My back’s against the wall and it’s tempting to just give up.  But despite all this, there’s a part of me that knows I can’t go back.

In the past whenever I’ve failed I’ve engaged in self pity parties. Crying about how unfair life is and how I wish I could get everything like some people do.  Woe is me.

Yet somehow that doesn’t feel right anymore.  Even though I’ve failed, it doesn’t seem like failure anymore.  No doubt I’m disappointed to have not been successful, but somehow failure no longer feels like the result of my stumble.  It feels like the launching pad to my success.

There’s no more time for pity parties.  I’m trying to get the most out of life and failure has just set me behind schedule. I’ve got to kick it into overdrive.  Instead of counting the day as a loss, I’m making it into a win.

The exterior appearance of that day is one in which I lacked discipline and strayed away from my goals, but on the inside I recognize it as something else.  I see it for what it is, feedback that my current approach isn’t working.

I’ve allowed myself to hit rock bottom which although unpleasant was necessary.  It’s provided me with clarity with what I don’t want and in turn helped me realize what I do what.  It’s helped remind me why I do the things I do.  This time failure hasn’t caused me to throw pity parties, but instead added fuel to the fire that drives me.

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