You Say Fu#% Mondays? I Say Fu#% You!

We were sitting in class. It was a regular Monday morning. Me and her. Her and me. I was rolling like a ‘G’. There was a sense of warmth, and empathy extending from my actions. On her side, however, things were dark.

I likened her behavior to being a direct parallel to the bottom of a deep crevice on the dark side of the moon. In other words, she was in a dark place. While I sought to illuminate, and brighten others’ day, she assumed the role of an energetic vampire hoping to leech off the positive emotions of others. If that wasn’t to be successful she was simply going to bring everyone else down with her.

I am not one to judge, however, I also believe it’s important to identify behavioral patterns. This wasn’t just one of those days where Murphy’s Law took over her life. This is every Monday.

Of course, good things rarely come out of insensitively pointing out others’ negative behavioral patterns. Instead, I simply asked her if everything was ok. Her response?


She concluded her rant by throwing her textbook at my head, which resulted in me having a minor concussion, as well as the textbook losing its binding upon impact with the ground.

Ok, I jest. This was very much overplayed. The entire scene didn’t result in the assault of a textbook, or me seeing stars. The point still remains, however.

You don’t want to be the energetic vampire every Monday [Or the self-help geek who tries to counsel her]. 😉 There’s nothing inherently different about Monday than any other day. When you’re on vacation from your job, or on summer break from school you probably don’t even realize when Monday comes around.

Yet, when we’re at school, or our jobs we cry and give ourselves permission to be miserable each Monday, and don’t allow ourselves to fully live until the weekend.

Slaving away five days of your life each week for two days of freedom is a crappy deal. Nobody would make that decision consciously, and that’s a large part of the problem.

We’re social learners. We see everyone else miserable on Mondays so we feel like it’s only normal to feel the same. We don’t even question it. That changes now. Reading this post is your red pill.

Maybe Monday’s not going to be the best day of the week. Just like anyone else I have more fun spending a day at the beach with my friends, than a day in school doing Quadratic Equations. However, I also realize something. This day is going to pass whether I make the most of it or not.

Do your best in structuring a life that provides you an enjoyable “Educational experience,” and fulfilling work, but even if you’re not yet doing what you’d most like to be doing make the most of life anyway. Happiness is a choice (for the most part).

A minute on the toilet is still a minute of your life. An hour spent writing essays for a class you don’t care about is still an hour of your life. A Monday you choose to feel bad on is one less Monday you have to experience positive emotions.

The hourglass of your life is slowly pouring. You’re inching ever closer to death with each passing second. You’ve got the free will to write off today as just one of those days, but you also have the choice to make the most of your circumstances, even if they’re not what you perceive to be ideal.

And why wouldn’t you? Time is going to pass whether you complain, or enjoy life to the best of your ability. Might as well cherish it.


More experimental writing in the first half of this post. I’m a really goofy person in real life, but I feel my blog posts and videos always come across as being super stiff, and serious. I don’t think I have the right calibration yet, but it’s something I’ll continue to work on in the coming months.

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