Cut From Another Cookie

Humans have approximately 99.9% identical DNA, yet for some reason everyone seems to think they’re “cut from another cookie.”

It’s a universal excuse, but it’s not a valid one.  Logically most people would agree that for practical purposes, we all share the same genetic potential in almost every field except perhaps professional sports.

From a bird’s eye perspective that’s fairly easy to accept, but in the moment it’s easy to disregard it.

Because of the way we evolved our brains would rather justify false statements and rationalize limiting beliefs than deal with uncertainty.

It’s easier to think you’re cut from another cookie and simply lack the ability to be happy, than work to improve your lifestyle.  It’s easier to think that you don’t possess the genetics to be muscular than head to the gym every week.

At times I still use the cut from another cookie excuse, but I’m getting better.  As I’ve gathered reference experiences to disprove this theory I’ve found myself referring to it less and less.

I never thought I’d be vegan, happy, or a blogger.  But seeing myself transition to this lifestyle from being a lonely, depressed, meat eater has shown me that it’s not about your genetics or where you come from.

We all have greatness within us.  The problem is that so few ever muster up the courage to manifest their inner perfection into reality.

Fortunately, we’re given a choice.  If you decide to show the world your inner greatness, nobody has the power to stop you.  Except you.

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