Are You A Victim?

Have you been victimized? Are the credit card companies charging you an unfair interest rate? If so, let me negotiate your debts down to nothing so you can live the life you deserve!

Has your no good skank-whore-trash girlfriend cheated on you? Are you a victim? If so, let me teach the easy foolproof method that will guarantee you’ll never be cheated on or rejected ever again!

We’ve all seen these types of advertisements before. The magic pill solutions that prey on the victim mentality. If you’re reading this blog I’ll assume your intelligent enough to avoid the late night infomercial scams, but even so, the victim mentality extends far beyond a few wasted payments of $19.99.

What Is The Victim Mentality?

The victim mentality is essentially the result of feeling life owes you things merely for your existence. You believe you deserve a steady job, a modest house, and a loyal wife merely because you’ve been born. Unfortunately, that’s not how life works. All you’re entitled to in life is failure, pain, and death.

Why The Victim Mentality Destroys Lives

All you’re entitled to in life is failure and pain? What the hell? I thought you were Mr. Positive Motivator Man? What happened to positive thinking?

Positive thinking is great, but it’s irrelevant when improperly directed. You can think positively, and say that eventually the economy will improve, and the government will lower your taxes at some point, but by delegating responsibility to things outside your control you’re giving up your power.

The problem with the victim mentality is that it assumes that things have wrongly been done to you. It causes you to say things like, “My girlfriend has cheated on me,” or, ”My employer is paying me a pitiful wage,” rather than “I’ve allowed myself to adopt unattractive behaviors,” and, “I willingly accepted a job that pays a pathetic salary.”

People get about what their actions have or haven’t earned, and some amount of luck is required to get even that.

There’s obvious exceptions such as people winning the lottery, being born into a country that’s in the midst of a civil war, or getting shot in a random drive-by shooting, but generally if you’re been born into a developed country, it’s on your shoulders to produce results.

Everything is on you, and even if things objectively don’t appear to be your fault often it’s in your best interest to take responsibility for them anyway.

Got keyed in the parking lot? Should have parked further away from the other cars. Girlfriend randomly took all the money out of your joint account, and split? Should’ve kept separate accounts.

The victim mentality is the loser’s consolation in life. Winners take complete responsibility for their lives because being accountable to the decisions you’ve made gives you the power to alter your future decisions, and build the life of your dreams.

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