Anti Role Models

When I first became interested in personal development one of the reoccuring themes I noticed was the importance of finding a role model.

I heard that the quickest path to success was to find someone who had already done what you wanted to accomplish.  That’s good advice.

However, I’ve found that in my life there have been many occasions where I haven’t been able to find a suitable role model or I’ve simply wanted to view my goals from a different perspective.

In those cases I’ve used what I call anti role models.  Instead of finding someone who has accomplished my goals and done all the right things, I’ve found someone who is worse off than me and done all the wrong things.

I’ve found that often when looking at my role models I feel intimidated because they seem flawless.

I know my role models have struggles too, but looking at my anti role models helps me identify bad habits I still have and often provides more motivation to change.

Success is just as much about the things you don’t do as the things you do do and the thought of being like one of my anti role models disgusts me too much to allow stagnation to be an option.

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