7 Quick Wins For Sustainable Success

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Thoughts on Being a Digital Nomad in Vietnam

I’ve been doing the whole digital nomad thing for about three years now. The majority of that time has been spent in Vietnam. There have been positive and negative aspects of staying here […]

Best Gifts for Asian Parents

Note from Cam: This is a guest post from my girlfriend in Vietnam. I’ve edited the content for clarity and ease of reading (English isn’t her first language), but kept […]

Nexstand K2 Review

Overview If you’re spending a lot of time on your laptop, getting a laptop stand is basically a necessity. Laptop stands such as the Roost or Nexstand K2 help prevent […]

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Dealing With Air Pollution in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia has a lot going for it. An exciting hustle in the air, delicious food, beautiful women, and some of the world’s most exotic destinations and cultural experiences. One […]

11 Things to Buy Before Traveling to Vietnam

After having lived in Vietnam for almost three years I sometimes miss the convenience of Amazon’s incredibly fast shipping. While it’s true that many goods are cheaper to purchase in […]

$400 Apartment Tour in Saigon, Vietnam

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