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SEO Content Writing

As an entrepreneur you don’t have time to deal with slow communication, and poor English in exchange for mediocre work. The purpose of outsourcing is to reduce your work load, and free your time. Hiring the average writer does neither.

Managing an unreliable writer is time-consuming and a drain on your mental capacity. Yet, countless back-and-forth emails are inevitable when working with most writers.

Most writers lack the ability to make the best decisions for your project without having to constantly consult you. The result? Endless interruptions to your work flow. Or even worse, the writer’s poor judgement negatively affecting your project.

Here’s How I Can Help You

Do you think authoring multiple books on Amazon, writing highly critiqued SEO articles for members of the Dynamite Circle, and being a featured writer at  would help mold someone into an excellent writer? You bet.

Yet, my biggest asset to you isn’t my ability to string together smooth sentences. It’s the fact I’ve spent years studying SEO. I’ve written online articles since 2011, The last year of my life has been spent learning from the world’s top internet marketers here in Saigon, Vietnam. As a result, I’ve become skilled at working quickly and within limitations.

When you work with me you won’t receive trivial emails questioning the proper keyword density to include in a 1,000 word blog post. You won’t have to clarify the importance of anchor text variety or linking out to authority sites.

If anything, you’ll have the opportunity to learn things as I pass forward the knowledge from my mentors. And if all this talk about keyword density, and anchor text is geek talk that’s sinking your energy levels… Just know that every piece of content you receive will be enthusiastically consumed by your readers AND highly optimized to rank in Google.

Let’s talk today about how we can move your project forward. Contact me at camchardukian [@]