Why I Haven’t Been Writing

I’m not dead. Just tired.

Last month I wrote a post asking how I could better serve you guys going forward. There were several responses, but something one reader said was to post on a more consistent basis. I implemented a more consistently spread out posting frequency for about a week and then I fell out of blogging entirely. Whoops.

This is a quick post to apologize, get me back into the habit of writing again and explain what I’ve been doing the past month instead of writing.

How I’ve Been Spending My Time

The past month has been a crazy one no doubt. My senior year of high school started, I’ve begun trying to read more, I’m practicing juggling six days a week for two hours at a time, and I’m working 30 hours a week. It’s been chaotic to say the least. Aside from the blog, however, September has been a very productive month for me.

I’ve seen noticeable progress with my juggling, as well as having banked nearly $1,000 (I’m saving to fund my future travels abroad.) Not a bad month of production at all considering I’m still having to go to class everyday. I’m proud of the last month, but I feel I can make October an even better month by getting into a regular blogging routine again. There is a problem I’ve felt lingering around me, however…

Guilt Derived Writer’s Block

I’m not sure exactly when this started, perhaps two or three months ago, but I’ve been feeling an aversion to the creative process. I’ll have these thoughts in my head saying, “It’s not that you don’t have anything to say. It’s just that someone else could say it better.”

Or that, I shouldn’t be writing until I’ve consumed more self-improvement books and further self-actualized myself. I seem to think that perhaps I can ultimately impact the world on a greater level if I’m to spend all my time learning for the time being rather than trying to simultaneously learn and teach while I’m still at a modest level of consciousness myself.

Maybe these are rationalizations, but they sure are sneaky ones. Truthfully, I’m probably not the best resource for someone trying to improve their life. There’s people that are far more intelligent and/or better conveyors of information than me.

However, I suppose there’s also many people I’m a better coach than and that there’s some people who are at a level in life where they could resonate with the things that I’m saying, but might not necessarily relate to things that a Warren Buffet or someone of similar stature would recommend.

I’m also sure that I’ll be a better teacher when I have further educated myself. For each new book I read I’ll grow a little more skilled in helping others maneuver through the challenges their lives bring, but I also know from experience that sometimes writing/speaking is the therapy I need to be objective/introspective and improve the circumstances of my own life.

Regardless, I’m ranting so I’ll end things here. I guess these thoughts have been bottled up so long all they want to do is get out now that I’m putting things out here.

Here’s to the community here and delivering you guys regular blog posts again. Cheers.

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