Video As a Medium

I’ve decided to start a new motivational series on Youtube.  Although I love blogging, and plan to continue indefinitely, I also want to experiment with video.  I feel video has a lot of potential as a medium because it’ll allow me to more accurately express my emotions on personal development.

If you’re interested in following the series be sure to subscribe.  Also, I’d like to get some reader feedback.  As of now, my public speaking skills are shaky at best.  I’m joining Toastmasters once soccer season is over to begin improving them.  Do you have any other ideas on learning to become a better speaker?

Another thing I’d like feedback on is if you’d like me to post the upcoming videos on my blog as well.  I don’t want to force them upon you if you’re only interested in my writing, but at the same time I don’t want you to miss out on them if you don’t have a Youtube account and therefore can’t subscribe.

Regardless of how you feel, thanks for the feedback and have a growth filled day!

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