Use Your Emotions Instead Of Being A B!#ch To Them

My house had been noisy today so I decided to go drive to a quiet area to type today’s blog post. I drove a few minutes from my house found a place of solitude, and settled down to write.

As I began writing I was somewhat afraid because it was dark and another car pulled into the deserted location I was typing this post. I came to the conclusion that the person in that car was about to do illegal drugs, type their own blog post, or murder me.

I was made uncomfortable by their presence so I decided to leave. My emotional discomfort encouraged me to get myself out of a potentially dangerous situation.

This experience was an example of “helpful” emotional discomfort. Other examples of helpful emotional discomfort include pain when you touch a hot pan on the stove or the fear you experience when a lion is chasing you.

Emotional discomfort is helpful when it has logical basis in reality as well as a reasonable chance at ensuring your physical well-being.

However, the other form of emotional discomfort you experience isn’t usually seen as helpful. The discomfort you experience when talking with a man/woman you perceive to be “out of your league”, fear of speaking up, or the discomfort you may experience near the end of your workout are typically seen as unhelpful.

Why? Because most people are crippled by these emotions. Most guys can talk to average girls with a reasonable amount of success, but when confronted with their dream girl they freeze up.

Most people can talk behind others’ backs, but lack the courage to confront those they have problems with. And most people can exercise, but will give up as soon as “it hurts.”

Here’s the thing, true growth lies only in discomfort. The expression “Personal Growth” literally means the expansion of your comfort zone and the expansion of it is only possible if you are to step out of it.

The problem with most people is that they misinterpret their emotions. They believe that pain or discomfort is an indication to give up. No homey! It’s the exact opposite.

The truth is that the greatest people you know actively pursue this discomfort because they know it’s what will take them to the next level.

You don’t get stronger by going to the gym and lifting the same weight each week. Likewise you don’t become a better person by doing the things you’ve always done.

It may suck to hear it, but there’s no skipping ahead. You’ll never wake up to find that you’ve been magically transformed into the person you’d like to be. You don’t get to become like your role models if you don’t force yourself to go through a similar level of challenges and adversity.

So, the next time you feel emotional discomfort don’t ask yourself, “How can I alleviate this discomfort?” rather ask, “How can I amplify it?”


Not sure today’s vlog is as on point as yesterday’s but it’s alright. I’ll keep striving for improvement on the videos.

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