Think Before You Speak

When I was little I was told to always think before I spoke.  That may be good advice for young children, or business relationships, but it doesn’t work well for socializing.

When you’re constantly censoring yourself and thinking about what you’re going to say, you tend to have conversations in a very conservative manner.

The benefit of this is you’re much less likely to say something offensive than a more spontaneous speaker.  Despite this, there’s many more reasons you should speak spontaneously in social situations.

For one you’ll be less in your head.  You’ll be more present to the moment and won’t try to work your way through conversations in such a logical, linear fashion.

Other people can sense when you’re truly being yourself.  When you say what you want to say, instead of what you think you should say, others find that intensely attractive.

However, I think the greatest benefit of speaking spontaneously is that it just makes socializing a lot more fun.  Talking to others becomes something you enjoy doing instead of a chore.

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