The Right Thing Is A Must

The vast majority of times we know what we should do.  But often we just don’t do it.  And because we don’t like to admit being wrong, we find lame excuses to justify why we don’t do the right things.

It’s been said that we tend to get pretty much whatever we settle for.  Which is exactly why the right thing can’t be a “should.”  The right thing has to be a must or it’s never going to happen.

Change requires one of two things.  A situation so painful, that changing would actually be less painful.  Or a desired outcome where the potential gain is seen as being more important than the pain of change.

In other words, if you want to change something in your life, stagnation can no longer be an option.  You’ll never improve an area of your life until you get to the point where as difficult as doing the right thing may be, doing the wrong thing would be even more difficult.

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