Talking About Your Dreams vs Living Them

Lately I’ve been struggling to create anything. In June I posted nearly everyday and laughed at people who used writer’s block as an excuse. Now it feels like I’m a slave to writer’s block. I can’t think of original things to tweet, let alone write entire blog posts about. What happened? I allowed myself to get too comfortable.

I’ve fallen into a stale daily routine where I fail to challenge myself. Sure, I’ve stretched myself socially more than ever before, going out 4-5 nights per week, but that’s refreshing. Those 20 hours of play each week should allow me to get MORE done. But they haven’t.

All I’ve accomplished over the last few days is putting in my daily two hours of juggling practice, and writing ONE blog post. That’s it. I haven’t gone out, I haven’t made any new videos, I haven’t even tried anything new. ALL I’ve done over the last two days is sit curled up on the couch reading.

That ends here. I’ve seen too many people fail to reach their potential because they were satisfied with just tasting success. I refuse to be one of them. Even my least productive days may be ahead of most people my age, but I refuse to accept that as an excuse.

Average is meaningless to me. I’m trying to become the greatest motivator this world has ever seen. I’m trying to create a legacy. Talk is cheap though. Until I learn to become comfortable with being uncomfortable that’s merely a pipe dream. A fantasy.

It’s easy to talk about your dreams. It’s easy to close your eyes and see them. But it’s another thing to put in more work than anyone else. To keep pushing further when everyone else has given up. To do what you’re supposed to do no matter how tired you are.

Talk is cheap. Everyone can talk about their dreams, but few will ever put in the work to live them. Will you?

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