How to Solve ANY Problem

Solving your problems is any incredibly simple, albeit difficult process. While there’s some people who have the gift of instantly identifying brilliant solutions to problems, the reality is that most of us lack this ability.

Furthermore, even if we’re able to quickly solve problems in certain fields, say travel problems or programming errors, nobody is capable of instantaneously solving issues in every field of knowledge.

Fortunately, even if it’s not always possible to instantly solve our problems, there is a process we can follow to eventually figure out the solution. That process is very simple — trial and error. Try something, get feedback from your attempted solution, and adjust your approach.

This isn’t a groundbreaking concept, but most people give up too early and simply think they’re bad at solving problems. Becoming a great problem solver is a lot about acquiring a huge base of knowledge, but having incredible persistence is just as, if not more important.

Acquiring feedback is also what will allow you to expand your knowledge base. Trial and error, trial and error, trial and error, is how you’ll find the most fitting solution to your problems.

Coincidentally… or not so coincidentally, expanding your knowledge base through trial and error is also how you’ll develop the coveted ability to instantly identify brilliant solutions to your problems.