Shifting Perspectives

We tend to overcomplicate our decisions.  Most of the time we know what we should do, but don’t do it.  I struggle with this at times as well, however, one method I’ve found useful in making the right decisions is shifting perspectives.  Whenever I can’t decide what action to take I shift to one of two alternative perspectives.

The first perspective shift I regularly use involves God. I pretend he’s standing by me with a gun pointed to my head saying, “Do the right thing… or else.”  You see, regardless of how much I was struggling to make a decision beforehand, from the perspective of someone threatening me with a gun pointed to my head, the right action becomes almost trivially easy to identify.

I may still have to fight through limiting beliefs and conflicting emotions to make myself take the right action, but it becomes much easier to do so when I understand what the right action is.

Another perspective shift I like using involves the shifting of time.  When I’m faced with a difficult problem I imagine myself looking back at that problem on my deathbed.  It’s easy to get caught up in the moment, but with this shift in perspective I can look at my struggles with more of a big picture outlook.

Doing so helps me prevent future regrets by making the right decisions, and even better helps me identify problems I won’t remember in a week, let alone a lifetime.

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