Saving Ideas

I used to save ideas.  When I thought of a good idea for an article I would often justify not writing it until I was a better writer.  If I had a good idea for a joke I would often save it for a “good time” instead of telling it as soon as I thought of it.

I thought that good ideas were a scarce resource that needed to be carefully rationed.  But I’ve discovered that they’re not.  In fact, the more ideas I use the more I find I’m capable of creating high quality ideas.

Take writing for an example.  I recently received inspiration from Seth Godin to try writing everyday instead of only twice a week, and although I’ve only been doing this for three days, I can already feel a greater abundance of blog post ideas forming.

Maybe I was wrong.  Perhaps ideas aren’t a scarce resource needing to be rationed.  Perhaps they’re a muscle in the brain requiring constant exercise to prevent atrophying.

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