How To Save Time and Money On Airport Taxis

After walking out of the airport you have just one more leg on the journey to your final destination. You’re either getting picked up by a family/friend, taking a bus, or catching a cab. If you’re catching a cab the most common way of doing so is simply to wait in line. However, like most things in life, the most popular way of doing something isn’t necessarily the best.

The problem with waiting in the taxi lines is that you’ll have to wait for all the people ahead of you to get a taxi first. This can often take longer than if you simply tried flagging down a cab on the street. Another problem is that many airports have airport departure fees that get tacked on the final fee your driver charges you.

A quick solution that’ll save you time and money is to skip the airport taxis and walk 3-4 minutes outside the terminal. From there you can catch a taxi on the street. This often saves you time because you’re not waiting behind a long line of other people to get a taxi. You’ll also save money because you can walk in the general direction of your destination and won’t have any airport departure fee to pay.

Another side benefit to this method is that it may help you avoid the scam taxi companies that solicit passengers at the airport. Though scam taxi companies are on the streets as well, they’re often a lower percentage of the total taxis on the street than than in the airport terminal. Of course, you’ll want to be educated on the reputable taxi companies in any case.
Just a quick little idea I had the idea to share after my last minute trip to Da Nang, Vietnam in March 2016. Finally got around to editing the video, and writing this blog post today.