The One Thing Responsible For All Your Problems

Think about all your problems. Think about all the things in your life that are bothering you. Is it your career? Your boss is an asshole… so you say. Is it your relationships?

Your Dad is always nagging at you to be more successful and you find yourself arguing with your girlfriend on a daily basis. Maybe you’re just disappointed in yourself for not keeping in shape, or not having pursued your dream of traveling the world.

Who is to blame for all these things? Is your Dad wrong for having unrealistic expectations for you? Is it your girlfriend’s fault for nagging at you too much? Is it the food’s fault you ate it? The answer to all these questions is of course not.

While your environment DOES impact you, it DOESN’T control you… unless you let it. Having unhealthy food in your house will tax your willpower and greatly increase the chance you end up overweight. Yet, until you take responsibility for your problems, your environment will always control you.

Yes, your nagging girlfriend can take a toll on your mood. Unfortunately, blaming her doesn’t fix anything. Ultimately, it’s your responsibility to manage your life and emotions.

Either ignore her nagging, adjust your frame in the relationship to decrease the amount of arguments, or leave the relationship.

By staying in that relationship you place the responsibility of your life and your emotions in her hands — stupid. The common denominator between all your problems is you.

Again, your environment does effect you. Hanging around negative people will make you a more negative person. Yet, you’re still responsible for becoming a negative person in this scenario because you allowed yourself to be surrounded by negative people.

Take responsibility for your problems, and you’ll gain complete control over your life.