Make Productivity Into A Game

I just started the dryer. That means I have approximately 40 minutes to write, and edit this blog post. I can already tell you that this isn’t going to be a 3,000 word masterpiece on how to create the life of your dreams from ground zero.

What I can tell you is that this post probably will end up being 500 words of stream of consciousness writing. Of course, that may seem stressful right? Write 10-15 perfectly edited words per minute for the world to judge for the rest of eternity.

Fortunately, that’s not the case. Writing quickly is actually less stressful as I’m more of a facilitator to the process rather than the one actively driving it. My subconscious mind is the one in control of this game.

My fingers move, and the words appear, but few thoughts if any come to my mind. Pure writing at its finest.

Something I think a lot of people in the world are guilty of is excessively stressing about how productive they are. If I don’t do this than ‘x’ is going to happen or I’ll make ‘y’ less dollars.

On one level that’s an awesome attitude to have. Produce the best results you’re capable of. While certainly a noble intention, it also has its drawbacks; stress and eventual burnout.

So let’s employ a different attitude to productivity instead. Instead of stressing about your todo list make it into a game. For everything on your todo list ask yourself, “How can I make this enjoyable or self-amusing?”

See how fast you can write that blog post (Though obviously take time later to make it polished and readable). Spend a minute dancing for your coworkers every time you make a sale. See how badly you can get rejected by a girl.

Make it fun, and you’ll become more process oriented. Interestingly enough that process orientation is what’ll propel you to producing the best results.

Is this always possible? Probably not, but this isn’t an all or nothing attitude either. Apply it when you can, and instead of struggling for every last inch of productivity you’ll glide through your tasks and get more done anyway. Take life seriously, but not too seriously.

The people who produce the best results are often extremely driven, and goal-oriented while paradoxically realizing that everything they do or acquire will at some point cease to exist.

That’s ok though because we’re no longer taking action for the end result. We’re making the process itself fun. Craft your processes to be enjoyable, and you’ll often find the results follow your enthusiasm.

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