Plant Seeds And Pull The Weeds

Stagnation doesn’t exist in life. You’re either moving up quickly, making steady progress, slowly regressing, or quickly falling apart.

Most people are slowly going down. They’re working the same job year after year on auto-pilot. They don’t challenge themselves, and they’ve stopped trying to improve. Why? Because they can’t.

Think of a human being as a garden. When one is properly cared for he/she is beautiful. You could compare the look in someone’s eye who’s living or chasing their dream to that of a beautiful flower. The human being as a whole may not be perfect, but just like a garden they can be beautiful even if they’ve got a few weeds.

Unfortunately, if too many weeds grow things change. The weeds leech all the nourishment away from the flowers. The flowers die, and the weeds take over the garden.

It’s a sad thing to think about, but the exact same process occurs in human beings. One can still flourish with a few character flaws, or inaccurate beliefs, but once one allows themselves to acquire too many they’re as good as gone.

The limiting beliefs, and rationalizations take over, and the person falls off. In most cases they never come back. Recognize this and take all preventative measures possible.

Society loves and conditions us with the idea of permanence. I’m going to get a job and work there FOREVER, I’m going to get a house and live there FOREVER, I’m going to put a ring on this girl’s finger and be with her FOREVER.

People like the idea of permanence because we’re biologically driven to not exert more energy than we have to, but once people put themselves into a situation of perceived permanence their brain stops engaging. Why would it? They’ve put themselves into a situation that demands nothing of them.

Unfortunately this leads to brain atrophy, and a lower state of consciousness. People think being lazy is going to make them happy, but doing so only sinks them into stupid habits and depression.

Human beings are just like gardens. When you stop planting seeds, and stop pulling weeds things inevitably go downhill. Understand this, and begin planting and pulling while you’ve still got the chance.


Realized I almost never link to other blogs or Youtube videos. I’m going to work on referencing more external resources in the future…

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