Qualifiers Are Excuses

I’ve never been a big fan of qualifiers. I can see how they could be used as marketing ploys, but the real reason most people use them is they just […]

Saving Ideas

I used to save ideas.  When I thought of a good idea for an article I would often justify not writing it until I was a better writer.  If I […]

Faking Progress

It’s easy to read personal development books, and attend seminars.  It’s much more difficult to actually apply the things you learn from them. Even if you’re experiencing stagnation in your […]

Shifting Perspectives

We tend to overcomplicate our decisions.  Most of the time we know what we should do, but don’t do it.  I struggle with this at times as well, however, one […]

The Tipping Point

In most of our lives there comes a point where we refuse to tolerate a certain area of our lives anymore.  Maybe your love life has falling by the wayside, […]

The Wrong Problem

Perhaps the most frustrating thing in the world are unsolvable problems.  The type of problems where regardless of how many times you try to tackle them, they always seem to […]

Fuel To The Fire

“A setback is a setup for a comeback”  -Eric Thomas I’ve failed.  The little voice in my head is laughing and telling me I couldn’t do it.  My back’s against […]

Input Equals Output

I had just finished juggling practice and was eating lunch at my grandma’s house. Amy’s Kitchens Organic Bean Burritos. Yum. My taste buds were in a heavenly state. I had […]

Doubling Down

I was lifting weights, and before I had even finished my warmup, I quit. I wasn’t in pain and there was no logical reason for me to stop, but I […]

5 Feeble Excuses

Excuses are lies we tell ourselves to justify why can’t do something.  We all make them at times, but as long as we continue to feed them, we block ourselves […]