Why I Love Everyone

There’s not a single person I hate.  Is that strange? I’m sure to most people it may seem so, and I definitely would have said the same of this mindset a couple years ago.  Now, however, I see it as the only logical outlook on life.

I’ve found that the main reason many people sink to the level of hatred is because of a lack of understanding.  Few people understand that not a single person wants to be hated.

Nobody wants to be the bad guy.  Nobody wants to be the person with no friends.  Nobody wants to feel alone and unloved.

The actions of some may give off this impression but truthfully nobody wants to live like that.  When we seek to understand the perspective of others instead of judging them we develop a greater understanding for why they act in the manner they do.

One of the more common beliefs these people hold is that they aren’t good enough.  I held this belief for a number of years myself and with this belief came the feeling that nobody could love me for who I am.

Since then I’ve come to terms with myself, but I haven’t forgotten where I came from.  I still remember what it’s like to feel inadequate.

People don’t wake up in the morning consciously plotting to ruin others days.   They do it because subconsciously they believe that’s the only way anyone will pay any attention to them.

Deep down everyone has a good heart. Everybody wants to be loved. Some people may be misguided, but none of them are evil.

Don’t judge, seek to understand and love everyone.

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First Post

I just got the blog up and running.  I plan on using this blog to write about various topics within the field of personal development.  Stay tuned for some interesting posts in the next few days.

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