Hidden Time

Lately I’ve been struggling to find time. Between school, juggling practice, blogging, lifting, and club soccer I’ve forgotten the definition of free time. On an average day I’ll wake up, […]

How To Get Out of a Slump

Stop feeling sorry for yourself.  Self loathing accomplishes nothing, and will only prolong your slump. Accept responsibility.   Recognize that you’re the one that dug yourself into a hole and […]

Think Before You Speak

When I was little I was told to always think before I spoke.  That may be good advice for young children, or business relationships, but it doesn’t work well for […]

Anti Role Models

When I first became interested in personal development one of the reoccuring themes I noticed was the importance of finding a role model. I heard that the quickest path to […]

Experts Learning From Beginners

My best friend and I are at my house making smoothies.  I feel confident telling her I’m the smoothie master as I’ve made hundreds since becoming vegan. So we’re adding […]

Everybody Wants Something For Nothing

Everybody wants to look good, but nobody wants to hit the gym. Everybody wants to be a millionaire, but nobody wants to hustle. Everybody wants to be a professional athlete, […]

Dreamer vs Doer

The dreamer imagines one day changing the world, but struggles taking action in the present moment.  He sees not the negative aspects of society, but the great potential it has.  […]

Cut From Another Cookie

Humans have approximately 99.9% identical DNA, yet for some reason everyone seems to think they’re “cut from another cookie.” It’s a universal excuse, but it’s not a valid one.  Logically […]

Spiral Staircases

I’m sitting in my basement trying to write.  My mind is blank.  It’s interesting how we can make something as simple as writing difficult.  Often we know the first logical […]

Compared To Who?

As human beings, it’s natural for us to compare ourselves to others.  The way we look, the way we walk, the way we talk, whatever.  I’m not sure you can […]