Optimizing Your Media Consumption

The TV’s on and someone left some stupid reality TV show on. You laugh at how stupid it is, and then, you justify that you’re just going to watch a minute of it just so you can insult the stupidity of the show. But then you get sucked in, and it isn’t until after six and a half hours of mind numbing idiocy you’re finally able to pull yourself away.

Afterwards you feel as if you’ve lost several IQ points, and you’re moderately depressed from having wasted the majority of your day. Sounds familiar? It’s ok, it’s happened to all of us.

People often discuss the purpose of consuming media as a means for informing us or our entertainment. Watching the game on TV may entertain you, or reading a book may inform you, but that’s only touching the surface level of media consumption. It goes much deeper than that.

Tuning Into Higher Conscious Media’s Frequency

As we’ve said earlier we’ve all experience feeling stupider after watching reality TV, or game shows. What’s interesting, however, is that you can experience the opposite by tuning into a higher conscious form of media.

For example, after watching Tony Robbins you may experience an uplifting drive towards change. Tony Robbins can teach you the psychology, and strategies for inducing change, and watching him can teach you a lot on an intellectual level, but it’s also fascinating that just presence of certain people can inspire others.

I don’t have scientific evidence for this, but based on my personal experience it appears that when we consume media we tune into the frequency of consciousness that media was created in. It’s as if the spiritual state the person was experiencing during the creation of a work is transferrable to you through your consumption of it.

If you watch a dark video someone created while going through a drug addiction you may feel sorrow or disturbed, while on the other hand if you read something written by someone you deem to be successful you’ll likely feel motivated to take action yourself.

What I’d recommend you do is find forms of media that transfer higher states of consciousness onto you. This blog is a good start, but also focus on eliminating the majority of mainstream media from your life.

If you consume like the majority, you’re going to produce results like the majority. Mainstream media consumption inevitably leads to mediocrity because it imprints lower levels of consciousness onto you.

If you want to start producing the best results possible begin reading high quality books. The amazing thing about good books is that the greatest men of all time often take a year or more of their lives pondering the most important lessons they’ve learned, and then writing from their highest level of consciousness.

When you read a good book you’ll learn amazing lessons, and even more importantly, you’ll have the consciousness of one of the greatest men to have ever lived imprinted on your own.

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