Noise Pollution

When a party first begins it’s relatively quiet.  Not everyone has arrived yet and people are still unwinding from the work day.  As more people arrive and begin to loosen up it gradually grows louder.

People who were in comfortable conversations now have to scream for acknowledgment.  The noise level of the room continues to rise as more and more people scream to make themselves heard. Eventually it gets to the point where only the most important person in the room can be heard.  The DJ.

But it’s not just parties.  The same noise pollution can be heard in the rest of our world as well.  With every passing day the market gets more competitive.  There’s more options than ever before screaming for us.  We can’t possibly pay attention to all of them.

Instead we focus on the best.  The fastest.  The cheapest.  Everyone has different needs, and there is no ideal, but delivering the most value in a lightning quick, inexpensive fashion is the only way to guarantee acknowledgment.

Delivering all three was once an unconsiderable impossibility, but in the information age of the internet it’s more than just possible.  It’s a necessity.

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