Never Miss Two Consecutive Days

Most habits are relatively easy to maintain if they’re done everyday.  However, because of the chaotic nature of life you’re going to occasionally miss a day.

Something I’ve noticed in my life is only getting off track for a single day isn’t a big deal.  It’s the second day that’s killer.

A couple years ago, when I first made the commitment to stop playing video games, I remember feeling upset with myself because I spent a whole day playing them.  It was especially painful because I had managed to avoid them for a couple weeks which was a HUGE accomplishment for me at the time.

But what followed was even more painful than breaking my initial promise.  I justified to myself that because I was only on day one it was ok to spend another day playing video games because I had no streak to protect.

And then it was alright to spend another day consumed by them.  And then just one more.  And before I knew it I was once again a full-fledged video game addict and had wasted another six months of my life.

It hurt to have lost so much time, but I eventually eliminated video games from my life and learned a valuable lesson.  NEVER miss two days in a row.

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