Multithreaded Productivity

There’s an inconceivable amount of ways you could spend your time. You could learn a foreign language, play volleyball at the beach, watch a horror movie, have a picnic with friends, or go to a dinosaur exhibit at a museum. Yet, we only have 24 hours in a day, so it’s impossible to do everything.

You can become more productive, and only choose to do what’s important to you, but even then it still can be difficult to meet all of your unique needs as a human being. So what do you do? You elevate your multithreaded productivity.

By finding activities that allow you to meet many of your needs at the same time you can all but eliminate unmet needs. If you need to lose weight, but also want to make new friends; join a soccer team.

Feeling down, and a messy house is only worsening your sadness? Begin cleaning, and listen to an uplifting audiobook to give you the motivation to continue, and hopefully carry over momentum to the rest of your life as well..

Need more love in your life, but can’t find the time because you’re trying to learn a foreign language? Get a boyfriend/girlfriend who speaks that language.

It’s not rocket science. If you have multiple needs or things you must get done, then find a way to link them together. What I listed above was just off the top of my head, but these connections are everywhere.

Discipline, and courage are important characteristics in leading an interesting life, but what’s often more important is the ability to decrease the number of items on your todo list to something that’s realistically doable within the 24 hours you’re given everyday.

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