Why You Lack The Motivation To Seize Opportunities

I’ve seen a lot of people who struggle with motivation, including myself occasionally. At some point everyone has let opportunities slip away from them.

Sometimes this is paralysis induced from having success barriers, but in this post we’ll focus specifically on lacking the motivation to seize opportunities.


Motivation Is A Feeling, Not A Thought

One of the most important things you need to recognize is that motivation is a feeling through out your body, not a thought within your head. Therefore, to solve this challenge through logical thinking is in fact completely illogical.

You can’t rationalize yourself into a state of motivation. You need to find a way to elicit the emotional response of motivation within your body.

90/10 Rule

It’s been speculated that the conscious level of thought only uses something to the extent of 10% of our intelligence. Where’s the other 90%? In our bodies.

Digesting your food, growing your finger nails, fighting off disease, breathing, miraculously keeping you alive through the beating of your heart. Our bodies are amazing, and beautiful things, but often we neglect them.

What you believe to be a good opportunity on an intellectual level often isn’t what your body, and heart believes to be good for you, and this conflict of interest is what results in a lack of motivation.

It’s almost always better to listen to your heart, because your mind has access to less intelligence, and because it’s intentions are often less pure than the heart because of various inaccurate beliefs you’ve been conditioned to hold.

Finding The Common Ground

Does this mean your intellectual mind is useless? Of course not, but you’ve got to break identification with it, learn to use it as a tool, and recognize when it’s best for you to yield to the callings of your heart, and soul.

The intellectual mind is most useful as a tool in responsibly following the desires of your heart. Never give up on your dreams, but don’t follow them blindly either.

Use your mind as a tool in developing a responsible path in following your dreams, and by allowing your mind, body, and soul to come together as one you’ll have crafted an environment that’ll foster essentially limitless motivation.

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