Setting Intelligent Metrics Of Success

These are the first words I’ve written for the blog in two weeks. I’m not even sure if I know how to blog anymore. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get into any form of a flow state anymore, and I feel hesitant as I type each word. But yet, the words are coming.

We’re already a full paragraph into this post, and it’s already getting a little easier. Maybe I’ll be able to write a blog post that doesn’t make me look like a complete idiot. But if I can’t, does it really matter?

Metrics Of Success

Something I find tremendously interesting is a philosophy of those in the pickup community. Tyler from RSD says his only metric of success is that when he sees a girl he wants to talk to he approaches her.

He doesn’t need to make out with her, he doesn’t need to fuck her, all he asks of himself is that he starts a conversation with her and sees where things go from there. His metrics of success aren’t tied to external circumstances. That would be stupid as external circumstances are something you can’t control.

No, Tyler is intelligent in the fact that his only metric of success is that he takes action. He ties his feelings of self-worth to things that are completely within his control, and this is key. It’s a philosophy I’ve put a lot of effort into implementing into my own life as well.

You can see it even through the writing of this blog post. My only metric of success for this post is that I write it. It may suck as I haven’t written in two weeks, and it certainly won’t be the best post I’ve ever written, but it’s another piece of content, another opportunity to improve my writing skills and paradigms, and through the writing of this piece I’ll advance one step toward producing higher quality content.

Let go of your ego. Don’t personally identify with not producing the external result you desired. If a girl rejects you it wasn’t you that failed. It was your approach. Take satisfaction in knowing that you took action, laugh at yourself if it was a particularly bad rejection, and then alter your approach.

By setting intelligent metrics of success, continually adjusting your approach, and refusing to take things personally you’ll be happier with yourself than ever before, and you’ll begin producing better results as well.

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