Make Your Ordinary Days Extraordinary

It’s New Year’s. Everyone is ready to begin working towards change.

It’s Valentine’s Day. Everyone is taking time to show their significant other just how much they care.

It’s April Fools. Everyone is playing practical jokes, letting loose, and laughing over the silliness of life.

It’s Mother’s Day. Everyone is showing their Mothers just how much they appreciate them.

It’s Memorial Day. Everyone is showing their appreciation for those that have served in the military.

It’s Thanksgiving. Everyone is taking time to appreciate just how wonderful their lives really are.

It’s Christmas. Everyone is being kind, and they’re generously showering those they care about with love.

All of this has got to get a man thinking. None of these days are different from any other day except that we’ve arbitrarily assigned value to them. Valentine’s Day could have easily been in June instead of February.

Knowing this, it’s important we recognize something. We don’t need the permission of an arbitrary date to act in alignment with our morals.

What if we aimed to be as kind as we are on Christmas everyday? What if instead of waiting for New Years we treated everyday like a clean slate? What if we took just a couple minutes everyday to be grateful instead of waiting for Thanksgiving?

There’s no reason we can’t. Will we always succeed? Of course not, but we don’t need anyone else’s permission so we might as well try.


Merry Christmas! 😀

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