Maintain Your Habits & Set Yourself Up For Future Success

In the past I had a weird hangup regarding socializing. Whenever I was in a bad mood I would elect to stay home. Even if my friends had invited me to a party or the beach I would stay home because I didn’t want them to see me in anything less than an optimal mood.

I thought that by doing this I could increase my percentage of socially successful nights, as well as improve my friends’ perception of my level of “coolness”. This approach worked relatively well in the short-term. When you start your night off socializing in a good mood it’s not particularly difficult to have a good night.

Unfortunately, it worked miserably in the long-term. I became a hermit because I always told myself that I shouldn’t go out until I’m in a better mood. In addition to that when I finally would go out I’d end up having a bad night because my social skills had gotten so rusty. This would lead to me feeling bad about myself and further feed into this downward spiral.

The lesson learned? Your ability to complete today’s task is much less important than the maintenance of your habits of success and how you’re setting yourself up for future successes. You need to set your ego aside. Take the fact that I’m still awake writing.

I’m exhausted right now, but I’m writing this blog post anyway. I’m going to give this post my best effort, but because I’m so fatigued this probably isn’t going to be one of my best posts.

However, me typing this blog post maintains writing as a habit, and will improve my ability in articulating future posts. I had to let go of my ego to realize these benefits, but the pros of doing so far outweighed the cons.

I’d encourage you to think about doing the same thing the next time you’re in a suboptimal state for something. Ask yourself, “Because of my emotional state I may not produce ideal results today in this endeavor, but would doing so anyway be worth it considering the fact it would maintain it as a habit and possibly develop my skill in it for future attempts?”

If you consistently ask yourself this question you’ll often find yourself saying yes.

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