Long Term Motivation (What Keeps Me Writing And Recording)

This month is the one year anniversary of cameronchardukian.com

It’s crazy to think I’ve only been writing for a year. Since last February I’ve written over 150 posts, and recorded more than 30 videos for the blog.

There’s been tons of highs, and looking back, surprisingly few lows. I’ve undergone a lot of self-introspection this year, and have also had the privilege of learning from cameronchardukian.com readers, and other SETT bloggers.

I’ve learned a lot this year, how to build relationships, how to be alone without being lonely, where self-improvement and self-acceptance meet, but the most important thing I’ve learned is the power of consistency. Blogging, like success is a bucket filled one drop at a time.

You don’t establish an audience, and become a successful blogger overnight. It’d be easy to say I wished that was the case, but in a kind of perverse way I like the consistently demanding nature of blogging.

Why? Wouldn’t it be convenient if I didn’t have to spend 10 hours every week preparing content? Wouldn’t it be easier if I didn’t have to create unique self-improvement concepts and read others’ self-improvement books, and apply their advice, and see what doesn’t work, and tell you what does work? Wouldn’t it be nice? Yes, so why do I keep pushing forward?

Because it keeps me engaged. Our brains don’t exert any more effort than they have to. There’s a reason the dumb blonde sterotype exists. If you didn’t have to do shit to survive you’d become a spoiled little diva retard too.

I love blogging because it hammers me back to reality. If I present a stupid theory someone lets me know. If there’s errors in my thinking others point them out. If I’m being lazy, and skip a post my traffic starts going down, and I love it.

I love that I have access to such a powerful accountability tool. I love presenting my theories to you guys, but even if you found them completely useless I’d keep writing, and that’s my key to consistency.

Bloggers ask me, how I stay motivated to keep writing? Doesn’t it get boring? How did you develop the discipline to become a consistent writer? The answer?

Every time I’ve stopped writing I’ve gotten screwed over. My traffic stats go down, my blogging friends stop talking to me, you stop getting content, I lose the ability to express my thoughts, and worst of all I become a disengaged retard. My thinking loses clarity, and I can feel myself losing sharpness.

The rest of my life begins falling apart too. It becomes easier to miss workouts. I stop eating my greens. I stop socializing. I put in less work to improve.

A blog is a great medium for communication, but it’s also perhaps the most powerful accountability tool we have available to us. People ask me why I make the time to write these posts for you. Knowing it’s the best tool I have to keep myself from falling off the path I ask them, why wouldn’t I?

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