You’re Just A Worm

A lot of people in the personal development industry are extremely uptight. They’re stressed on how they’re going to meet deadlines. They obsess over the optimization of every last minutiae, and on one level that’s cool.

You should be striving to become the very best you can be. However, you’ve also got to realize that paranoia is often unproductive. Micromanaging your social interactions, and trying to manipulate others isn’t going to make you friends.

Success is a massive paradox. On one level you need to have an rational paranoia of failure to achieve success. You have the power to impact countless lives and shouldn’t settle for anything less than your best.

However, on another level you also need to learn to let go and understand that your life is very insignificant. It should take little more than a picture of the universe to realize this. Most people consider a single insect insignificant, but regardless of who you are you’re just a slightly bigger bug to the universe.

Always do the best you can with what you’ve got, but also give yourself time to enjoy yourself, and stop taking things so seriously.

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