Irrational Fears

I find fear very interesting.  On one hand it’s helped ensure the survival of the human race as we’ve evolved, but in modern times it’s often used as an excuse to justify not pursuing what we really want.

Don’t get me wrong, if I’m in the jungle getting chased by a lion I want to have my adrenaline pumping and be scared out of my mind.  I think survival fear for the most part is a good thing.

That’s not the fear I’m talking about.  I’m talking about fear of success, fear of public speaking, fear of not being good enough.  I’m talking about fears that have no rational basis in reality.

I first had the idea of starting a personal development blog almost two years ago.

I had hit rock bottom in my life a few months prior, and as I became more interested in personal development I felt extremely motivated to share my experiences and insights to help other people grow.

I was so motivated I did absolutely nothing.  For two whole years.  Why?  Irrational fears.  What if my friends think I’m nerdy?  What if they make fun of me?  What if people think I’m not cool?

For anyone truly growth oriented those are pathetic excuses.  So what if your friends think you’re nerdy or they make fun of you?

You should be grateful for the opportunity to eliminate those people from your life.  Better to get rid of them now than later.  You won’t have truly fulfilling relationships until you can let go of the people who won’t accept you for what you are.

As I continued my journey of personal growth I began to worry less about others opinions, but I continued to make irrational justifications for why I shouldn’t blog.

The biggest one was that I had no way to self-host or get a custom domain.  How was I supposed to look professional blogging at instead of

Obviously I’d still prefer to blog at but using that as an excuse to not blog at all would be stupid.  Even if I’m not blogging under ideal circumstances it’s still infinitely better than doing nothing.

There’s this strange human instinct that tells us that everything has to be all or nothing.  While I don’t encourage settling, wouldn’t you rather get something instead of nothing?

People have this tendency to make every little excuse or justification but they’d get infinitely better results just facing their fears.

If you want to quit your job quit.  If you want to lose weight start exercising.  If you want to speak a foreign language start learning today.

You are good enough.  You are smart enough.  But if you want the results you need to face your fears.

The time will never be right until you make it the right time.

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