More Information Is Not The Answer

Do you need to read more books to finally lose weight? Do you have to watch more videos to learn how to talk to girls? The answer… probably not. Derek Sivers once said, “If information were the answer, we’d all be billionaires with perfect abs.”

It’s true. Everyone knows you need to eat healthy foods and exercise several times per week to lose weight. Yet, how many people actually do it?

Or, people know something like e-commerce or coding is hot. Yet, how many people are still stuck working low-level jobs?

Even if you know opportunities exist, the real value isn’t in having information. The real value is in applying that knowledge. The unfortunate reality, however, is that most people fall far too short on the action side of the equation.

In short, action is what’s going to take your life to the next level. Once you gain some momentum with taking action, information then becomes useful.

Information can then help you optimize your actions. Plus, pursuing your goals shifts your reticular activating system to see how you could actively apply the things you’re consuming.

#1 Get a base level of knowledge (which you’ve probably already done).

#2 Take action.

#3 Make action a habit.

#4 Consume from experts to optimize your approach.

#5 Calibrate your actions.