How To Get Back On Track

Progress is not linear.  We all have days where we’re just not at the top of our game.  The problem is when one bad day leads into another and before you know it you’ve been running in circles for a month.

Sometimes we dig ourselves into holes, but the thing to realize is that if you get yourself into something, ultimately you’re the only one that can get yourself out of it.  Whenever I’m in a rut, there’s a series of steps I like to go through.

Whenever I’m in a funk the first thing I examine is the state of my physical health.  Often when I’m not performing at the level I’m capable of performing at it’s because I’ve been neglecting some aspect of my health.

Sometimes this means I’ve gone too long without lifting while other times it means my central nervous system is exhausted and I need to take a break.  I’ve noticed that the most important thing to look at, however, is the level of stress I’ve been experiencing recently.

Nothing kills my level of productivity like high stress levels do.  If I’ve been working on a project for weeks and neglect to take any time off to socialize or relax, I crash and my body forces me to rid it of stress, often in unhealthy releases.

I’ve found that I’m much better off spending a few hours two or three times per week socializing or relaxing than trying to spend one-hundred percent of my time working productively and crashing for a week.

After I’m done looking over my physical health I attempt to motivate myself through personal development blogs or videos.  I’ve found that watching a little Eric Thomas is often just what I need to get back to hustling.

However, if I can’t seem to motivate myself through external means I know I need to look within and start examine things on a deeper level.  It’s important for me to evaluate the path I’m on and the things I’m headed toward every few months.

Every once in a while it’s important for me to think about why I do the things I do, because if there’s not a purpose behind them, if there’s not a driving force for the things that I do then I won’t do them.

Finally, I need to take massive action.  Because action precedes motivation, if I fail to take action, I’ll keep justifying to myself that it’s fine if I wait just “one more day” to change.  Unfortunately that day will never come.

To recap, if you’re feeling out of it take a look at how you’ve been treating your body lately, as well as examine your beliefs and purposes for the things that you do.  Then take massive action, and if all else fails, listen to what this man has to say.

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