You’re Wasting the Greatest Tool You Have

Imagine you were alive 100-300 years ago. You were one of America’s founding fathers, or one of the influential people of the past. You were Benjamin Franklin, or Thomas Edison, or Winston Churchill.

Now, imagine you had some kind of magical device. Some device that the potential to access the world’s knowledge. That magical device would allow you to see what’s happening on the other side of the world. You wouldn’t have to wait for the radio channel to describe what was happening on different continents.

You could simply see pictures of what was going on. You could gain a more accurate perspective of the world because you’d be seeing current events through your own eyes, rather than hearing filtered accounts of the events through TV or radio personalities.

You could use that device to learn the world’s languages. You could use that device to do research on how to cook nutritious food and the optimal exercise program for your specific body type. Imagine you had this magical device, and it had all the information you’d ever need to live a successful, happy, and fulfilling life.

Now imagine you had this device and you never used it. Or, you used this device to do frivolous activities like browse galleries of cute cat photos, or argue with people who have rigid belief systems that are not open to change. Actually, a mistake has been made. You don’t actually need to imagine any of these scenarios because they’re already in motion.

This is the state of the internet in 2017. People have the most powerful tool in the history of the world available in their pocket. Yet, most people aren’t taking advantage of it. Don’t be like most people. Take advantage of the internet in the same way our founding fathers or history’s greatest influencers would have.