Weekend Food and Fun in KL

Hey guys, here’s a video I recorded last month in Kuala Lumpur. It mainly focused on some of the foods you’ll find in Malaysia, but you’ll see some shots from a Chinese Market in KL as well.

The food in KL really is excellent. In addition to being cheap $1-3/meal (watch the video for some meals we ate and the prices), the food scene in KL is also diverse. There’s lots of great Indian, Chinese, and Malay food to be found. Plus, these different ethnicities often blend their styles of food together.

This makes for many interesting dishes. Of course, there’s lots more to KL than just the food. The Petronas Towers are an amazing landmark and something you absolutely have to see while you’re in KL. There’s also some solid live music playing in the markets and around the city.

If you’re not into Malaysia’s food or culture fear not, however. Next week I’ll be posting some videos on the hilariously bad nightmare hotel we stayed at in KL (think mold on the wall, sticky doorknob bad), plus whether KL is a good destination for digital nomads.

Until then, enjoy the video!