Experts Learning From Beginners

My best friend and I are at my house making smoothies.  I feel confident telling her I’m the smoothie master as I’ve made hundreds since becoming vegan.

So we’re adding the bananas, the orange juice, the berries, the spinach, all the good stuff.  Then we’re waiting for them to finish blending.

They finish and she has a sip.  I see her eyes light up and she says it’s the best smoothie she’s ever had.  So you know I’m feeling good.  I’m feeling like I lived up to my reputation as the smoothie master.

Then she tells me it’s the best smoothie she’s ever had, but I forgot something.  I’m like wait, what?  I’m tripping, like I’m the master, you’re the student young grasshopper.  How are you gonna tell me I forgot something?

She’s laughing, because she knows I’m always open to improving, but I just can’t see how someone who’s only made a handful of smoothies in their life can provide me with any useful criticism.

She’s a smart girl though and she proves me wrong.  She calmly walks up to my pantry and grabs two straws. At this point I’m just completely mind blown.

It’s just like how did I never think of that?  How had I made hundreds of smoothies and never thought to use a straw?

It’s such a simple change, but because of my ego, it’s one that I almost never discovered.

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