All around me I see wasted potential.  I constantly hear chatter of what if.  I look in the eyes of my elders and see sadness and regret.  The sparkle I see in the eyes of children is absent when looking into the eyes of adults.

I look at children and I see wonderful beings with dreams, but somewhere along the line they’re told they aren’t good enough to pursue them.  They grow up and put off chasing their dreams until they have a little more money, or a little more courage.

But their time never comes.  With the passing of each year the thought of pursuing their dreams becomes a little scarier.  They’re told that people who pursue their dreams are crazy and that doing so is “too risky.”

With each passing year they fail to pursue their dreams their souls mourn.  With each passing year they move to a lower level of consciousness and in doing so become even less likely to follow the path with a heart.

I see these people everywhere, and they’re alive, but they’re not really living.  Their hearts beat and they rise every morning, but on the inside they’re dying.

The people who’s eyes once sparkled with hope and dreams have grown cold with regret and despair.  It kills me to see this happening, but it’s so prevalent it’s impossible to ignore.  As I write these words I find myself sniffling and wiping the tears running down my face.

I find myself asking where did we go wrong?  How did we get to a place where so few are able to lie on their deathbeds without regrets?  And more importantly how can we elevate people’s level of consciousness and combat this epidemic?

I’d be lying if I said I had all the answers.  I’m a 16 year old who’s only two years removed from depression and suicidal thoughts himself.

What I do know, however, is the longer we ignore this issue, the longer we stay on this dark, heartless path, the less likely we’ll ever be able to get back to the right path.  The path of truth, and love.

In the case of the single man, the less conscious he becomes, the more he strays from the path he’s destined to live, the less likely he’ll ever return to living the life he was meant to live.

The same is true of human society.  As we stray further from our roots we become less and less likely to return to the path with a heart.  With each year we refuse to address the level of consciousness on Earth the future of out planet becomes slightly more grim.

Fortunately it’s not too late.  There are millions actively working to address this issue.  Some through their writing, some through music, some through public speaking. Their medium is irrelevant.

All who are working toward the preservation and betterment of our future should be applauded.  Unfortunately, we still need more help.

We need more people to light the darkness.  We need more people to inspire others and show them it is possible to live your dreams.  We need more people to show that whatever your circumstances are they can be overcome.

I urge you to join the movement.  You are important.  You do matter.  A wise man once said that a lit candle can light a thousand other candles without itself ever burning out.

Those thousand newly lit candles then have the potential to light a million more candles. The cycle will then repeat and the world will continue to illuminate itself from there.

You do matter.  You are important.  Be the world’s next inspiration.

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