Do They Suck, Or Is It Your Attitude?

I don’t like rich people because they’re stuck up. I hate popular people because they’re d-bags.  Really?  Well you know what? I don’t like your attitude.

We could get into the ethics of making such generalizations, but that’s a whole nother discussion.  The real question is why are you negatively labeling successful people?

There are stuck up rich people no doubt.  There are popular people who are complete jerks.  But the majority of them aren’t, and that’s something you’re going to have to realize if you ever want to take your life to the next level.

Rich people are rich because they’ve provided lots of value to the world.  They’ve provided some kind of product, or service  that people felt improved their lives.  In return these wealthy people received a fair compensation for whatever it is they’ve provided to society.

Same with popular people.  People who are experiencing great social lives have this abundance because they’re giving out lots of value as well.  Popular people may become popular because they’re fun, proactive in introducing people to each other and setting up plans, or maybe they’re just the ones who bring the beer to the party.  IT DOESN’T MATTER!  The common denominator is they’re helping everyone else have more fun.

The truth is, both rich and popular people should be respected.  But they’re not.  You know why? Because people let their egos get in the way.

It’s effortless to call rich people stuck up.  It requires no energy to call popular people d-bags.  You know what’s a lot harder?  Looking at yourself and admitting you could do better.

The problem with attaching these negative connotations to people experiencing abundance is even if you want the same abundance for yourself, you won’t get it.  You’ve already sabotaged yourself.

When you say bad things about rich or popular people you’re actually reinforcing these beliefs in your head.  Even if you don’t realize it on a conscious level you’re still programming your brain in a way that’s not beneficial.

When you have opportunities to improve your financial or social standing, you won’t because your subconscious is now working against you.

This business move could make me a lot of money?  Sweet!  But wait, if I make this money I’m probably going to end up becoming a jerk… Bummer.  I guess I’ll just communicate to the conscious mind that this move is too risky.

And just like that, an easily seizable opportunity, is now gone because your brain is working against itself.  Reaching a high level of success in any given field is difficult enough as it.

There’s no need to make things even more difficult for yourself.  Don’t hate rich or popular people, respect them.  After all, they are often the ones providing the most value to the world.

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